is a super fun and addictive .iO game which is similar to, another classic title that attracts a large number of people worldwide. It is about the story of cells. You will take control of one of these units. It is free to play as a guest. Furthermore, you can register an account and log in with a username and password in order to get more incentives. If you click on the Skins section which located next to the blank that you enter your nickname, you can pick out anything that you want. The collection will provide a lot of impressive outfits. Choose the server which is corresponding to the mode and you can start to experience the adventure alone or engage an experiment. Not only that, you are allowed to participate in a party or a private room or search for your friends from the friendlist near the leaderboard. is an exciting and thrilling MMO game that send every participant to a large map where is also considered as the main battlefield of you and other competitors. Your mission is to take over the top spot for a long time. Before you climb up to the highest position of the ranking, you’d better become the largest and strongest creature. If you wish to have such a big body, do not forget to gain mass continuously and defeat other characters along the way. The first item that you can consume consisting of colored dots which are spawned on the floor randomly. It is easy and safe to eat these pellets! When you enlarge, your movement will be slow down. But, you can split your cell into small pieces. That strategy will help you gather food faster. Be careful! It can turn you into the target for your foe. play

Shopping offers an added bonus of a shop. Visit that store and you can spend your earned gold to purchase different costumes, abilities, minions/bots, or wearables. There are plenty of upgrades that you can buy them by using PayPal. If you invite your buddies, you will receive more money. Moreover, you will obtain a bunch of insane benefits when you are a Gold Member.


There are many interesting features in that attract more than 10,000 players every day.

  • Shop, stuff, power-ups, and an inventory system – You can drag and drop them on the battleground or on other rivals without difficulty.
  • Have a cool friendlist where you can see online allies and message them directly while you are in the game
  • Rewards, spinning wheel, high score, secret locations, and followers
  • Lots of hats, glasses, shoes and custom skins
  • Several new game modes like Tournaments, Domination, Football, Island Zombies (coming soon)
  • Have an active staff and community


  • Use the mouse to navigate
  • Tap Spacebar to split
  • Press W to eject some mass
  • Hit E to assemble again in an instant